Co-Founder Of Tesla About Starting Tesla VIDEO | CleanTechnica

Co-Founder Of Tesla About Starting Tesla VIDEO | CleanTechnica.


Greening our country can start at home so to trickle into the communities one at a time finding the truth of global carbon footprints and the way we live, work, and even worship. Bring eco-friendly acts into your everyday life and lead by example – If its a “green” choice then it’s the “right” choice. Teach your friends and peers about lessening thier carbon foot prints and ways of going green today. – Steven R. Griffin

Greening our country can …


Freedom, INC. – our mission – to revolutionize how America gets their energy.  Solar freedoms is the Not-for- Profit branch of Freedom Solar, INC. of the United States. Our Goal is to add 10,000 capacitor banks to the electricity grids of  organizations.  Solar, Wind, Geo-thermal and capacitors for energy alternatives.  Integrating green design into new  grounds and building for the future of eco-friendly structures.